Communications Committee

 The communication committee serves: 

  1. The Parish Council 
  2. Other Parish Council Committees 
  3. All other Parishioners 
  4. The Local community 

The Committee provides this service through many types of communication, working with and for these groups.  The Communications Committee sees to or helps in the communication of plans, decisions, programs or results of meetings of Parish Council, Council committees or any Parish Organization.    

The Communications Committee is the main source of publicity of all kinds in the Parish. It uses such methods as minutes, bulletins, newsletters, radio, tv and social media.  The Communications Committee maintains an archive, through photos, clipping, etc. of the history of St. John the Baptist Parish.

Chairman: Lee-Anne Bonus (902)695-6053 

Gill Atwood 

Luc Frenette 

Finance Committee

 The concerns of the Committee are:

  1. Parish Resources
  2. Parish Budget
  3. Parish Support
  4. Effective Use and Maintenance of Parish Facilities

Chairman: Kevin MacDonald (902) 755-5890 

Jim Gagon (902) 922-3437 Jeff Bonus, Fr. Tom MacNeil, Robert Rogers 

Social Committee

 Al Sutherland and whole Council 

Family Life

The role of the Family Life Committee is to support and to develop specific programs which will strengthen all facets of human and family life.

Monique DeCoste (902) 755-1345  

Christian Service Committee

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. This Committee, historically, should be dear to every area of the Diocese because of the long involvement of the diocese and the University in socio-economic problems of our people –especially as they border on concerns of justice. In general, this Committee of Council is concerned with all Christian services in the Parish community.    

Berkley DeCoste (902) 755-1345  


 It is the primary function of the Inter Church Committee to make the Parish as a whole aware of Ecumenical happenings in Pictou County. It follows from this that the Inter Church Committee promotes and encourages involvement in Ecumenical events taking place throughout the County.    


Liturgy Committee

Through the Liturgy Committee, the Council (hence the people of the Parish) share the responsibility for celebrations and preparations of Liturgies. The Committee sees needs and plans for events by training personnel and gathering necessary resources.    

Bill MacDonald (902) 752-3734  Heidi Breen (902) 752-2396