390 High Street, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B2H 2X7, Canada
St. John the Baptist

St. John the baptist in New Glasgow, NS

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A Call for deacon candidates

“We are so happy that our diocese has 9 deacons who are living out their call to minister as servant of the Word, Altar and Charity. We have 8 candidates in their third year of formation and discernment asking” Is God calling me to diaconate?” That is the challenge we make to men aged 35-65: “Is God calling you to be a deacon in our diocese?” Some signs are: a desire and ability to commit oneself to this call; the physical, mental and emotional health needed to minister as a deacon; a good relationship with Christ and His Church; if married, the support of your spouse and family; and if single, the grace of living celibately. If you have any inkling or wondering if the Lord might be calling you, why not talk about it with your pastor or a deacon? You could also call the Director of Deacons, Fr. Bedford Doucette at 902-578-4375, the Pastoral Center, Sydney. If there is sufficient interest, there is a possibility of another class in the New Year. So contact us sooner rather than later so plans can be made. We ask you to pray for our deacons and candidates and for more men to respond to the call to become deacons.” Fr. Bedford Doucette


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